Not only available in shops, we also sell our oil to various pubs, restaurants and cafes across the UK for use in their kitchens. Many of these businesses use our oil in interesting and innovative ways, and The Mermaid at Ellington is no exception!

The Mermaid can be found in the idyllic Cambridgeshire village of Ellington in a beautiful 14th Century public house. The name comes from the old ships timber used in its construction many years ago. The owner and head chef, Nick Marriott, is a Michelin star-trained chef who is passionate about bringing vibrant and refreshingly new ideas to a characteristic and historic country pub.

mermaid at Ellington

Having used our oil for a while, Nick recently contacted us with an idea. He wanted to use our rapeseed before it was pressed, and instead, germinate the seeds for an exciting new dish.

Here’s what Nick had to say about this innovative new way of using rapeseed:

“Here at The Mermaid at Ellington, Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil has fast become our go to quality oil of choice. With it being high in mono-unsaturated fat, it ensures us cooking at high temperatures without corrupting its lovely nutty character & flavour.

We now also use rapeseeds to bring to life our ‘Snail Garden.’ We germinate the rapeseeds and grow them into small sprouts by soaking the seeds and keeping them in a warm area to do their work. This process usually takes around 5 days but is definitely worth the wait. The germinated rapeseed add a beautiful image and perfect texture of a real life soil, as well as adding an earthy flavour to the dish. Combining the rapeseed with puffed wild rice & quinoa, caramelised chicory & sesame, the ideal soil is created for the garden. Hidden underneath sits a smoked garlic yoghurt and finished with salsify bark, baby vegetables and rosemary branches with flowers from the Mermaid garden.

mermaid snail garden 1

Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil is also a perfect option for dressings and creating flavoured oil in which we make a lemon grass & ginger oil for all our Asian style cooking. We very much recommend this high quality product.”


Thanks Nick!

For more information on The Mermaid at Ellington, head over to their website:


The Foodurchin has been a fan of ours for some time, he has used the oil on his blog in the past, and also very much likes the mayonnaise. Rumour has it that there will be a mayo tasting at some stage.

We’ve been playing around with this for some time, eggs, oil and tears have literally gone into it. Eli’s been busy mixing, whilst Duncan and the rest of the team have been busy tasting. We’ve tried it on salads (of course); in sandwiches; on chips; and dipped many a spoon in. At last we now have a new mayonnaise to be proud of, and something your customers will want to buy!

This classic Mayonnaise is uncompromising on health, taste, and quality. Using Farrington’s award winning MELLOW YELLOW® cold pressed rapeseed oil as the base; which is naturally low in saturated fat, full of Omega 3 and combining British free range eggs, a hint of Dijon mustard, and a lemony sharpness, this additive free mayonnaise will brilliantly complement any food.


To celebrate the launch, we are delighted to have to have 20 FREE entrance tickets available (worth £25 each!) for the first 20 people who email us (One ticket per organisation).  If you wish to book tickets online, you can get 20% off the entrance price by entering the code PH4KK. For more information on the festival please visit

To stock our mayonnaise or for more information, please email or call 01933 622809