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Being a farmer working in the beautiful English countryside is a privileged job. This role brings great responsibility for looking after our surroundings, as what we do today may have far reaching effects in the future. With this in mind I have always tried to improve the way we farm our crops and look after the wider environment around us.

Farming and the countryside are what get me up in the morning. Hearing the bird song around our farm, in the open fields or from the established hedgerows and thousands of trees Father and I have planted. The buzz of native bumble bees on our dedicated wildflower areas, or the joy of seeing an occasional Kingfisher fly along the brook running through the farm.

The kingfisher is just one of the many rare and beautiful birds attracted to the diverse habitat of our farm.

Keeping our soil rich, healthy and brimming with goodness is key to growing healthy crops, to make healthy oil!

Nature takes time to evolve, we plant trees and hedgerows to secure our environment for future generations.

Even in the depths of winter our barn at Bottom Farm is a lovely place to work.

Bees have such an important role in our eco-system and there’s always lots to keep them busy and buzzing on Bottom Farm.

From the wildflower and hedgerows to the earth beneath our feet, we take care of every inch of our land to ensure that it grows harmoniously.

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We are proud to be a part of LEAF

LEAF - Linking Environment and Farming

The soil we grow our crops in is our most important asset. I continue in my quest to learn how best to nurture and improve this valuable eco-system. Using sustainable crop rotations, fertility building green manure and companion crops, we are aided by the worms, beetles and bugs that I nurture within the soil to help us.

As a proud supporter of Linking Environment And Farming (LEAF), a charity encouraging farmers to look at the wider implications of what we do, we are at the forefront of environmentally aware agriculture. We grow our crops and work closely with our partner farmers, who grow their rapeseed for us also, to produce our Mellow Yellow products to the rigorously assessed LEAF Marque Standards. This ensures that you can buy our food safe in the knowledge that it has been sustainably produced with the utmost of care for the environment.

For more on how we farm and look after the environment read here.

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Awards & Accreditations

Over the years of hard work and culinary creativity, we think we’ve done a pretty good job of bringing you delicious tasting products. But don’t just take our word for it; here are the awards we’ve been delighted to collect along the way.

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