The first jars of our NEW garlic mayonnaise are now starting to appear on the shelves. Packed full of roasted garlic pieces, Farrington’s MELLOW YELLOW Garlic Mayonnaise is gluten and additive free, created from our original MELLOW YELLOW Mayonnaise recipe using free-range eggs, and with all the health benefits of our cold pressed rapeseed oil, always at the heart of our products.

We are extremely excited to launch the latest addition to the MELLOW YELLOW range, and have had a really positive response from taste tests. People love the bursts of garlic in this truly artisan product. We are confident that the newest twist on our classic mayonnaise will not only be the perfect complement to barbeques and summer cuisine but will also become a popular store cupboard staple for all occasions.

As the end of the British winter approaches Farrington’s are looking ahead to summer days in readiness to dollop their delicious and versatile Garlic Mayonnaise for the barbeque season, a perfect accompaniment for a wide range of foods, including meat, fish and shellfish, a dip for crudités and canapés, in sandwiches and hamburgers, or with spicy dishes such as samosas, onion bhajis or kebabs.

Let us know what you think of the bold new taste, and share your favourite serving suggestions!


We are delighted to have won gold twice again this year in the Great Taste Gold 2011. The awards were given to our Garlic Mayonnaise which was launched last year and also to our new Balsamic Vinegar Dressing, launched earlier this year, combining Farrington’s MELLOW YELLOW rapeseed oil and British apple balsamic vinegar, garlic and basil.

The Great Taste Awards are highly regarded within the food industry, with over 7400 products being entered for judging over a rigorous two-month period. Before gold is awarded a minimum of twelve experts must discuss and agree on the winner. Consumers and retailers alike recognise Great Taste Award winners as being products they can trust.

Duncan recieved his first Great Taste Award in 2006 for Farrington’s MELLOW YELLOW cold pressed rapeseed oil and is delighted to have won the latest awards and to have Northamptonshire once again rewarded for producing great artisan food. His entire range of dressings and mayonnaises have now been individually awarded Great Taste Awards, making this year’s awards especially exciting.