Summer Panzanella

The satisfying clash of textures and abundance of flavours make this panzanella a lovely meal to dive into for lunch or dinner.

Featuring crispy sourdough croutons, seasonal cavolo nero, pan fried eggs, creamy feta and pickled veg, it’s a party on a plate that’s elevated with a subtle kick of heat from our Mellow Yellow Chilli Oil.

Give it a try using our recipe below or create your own punchy panzanella with whatever veggies you can find in season – either way it’ll be delicious!



100g Cavolo Nero
Sourdough breadcrumbs (around 100g) from one thick slice - cut into rustic chunks
6-8 salad or plum tomatoes
50g feta
Handful of pickled red onions and radishes
2 large eggs
Mellow Yellow Balsamic Salad Dressing for drizzling
30g Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil (plus extra for drizzling)
Mellow Yellow chilli oil for drizzling
Salt & pepper to season
10g fresh mint leaves


1) Cut the sourdough bread into large, rustic breadcrumbs, then heat some Mellow Yellow cold pressed rapeseed oil in a pan and fry them until golden and crispy.
2) Remove the tough centre stems from the cavolo nero and chop into smaller pieces. Lightly pan fry for a couple of minutes with some salt and pepper until softened.
3) Cut the tomatoes in half and drizzle with some balsamic vinegar
4) Crumble some feta cheese into a bowl and prepare your pickled veg and mint
5) Fry the eggs until crispy and yolky, then remove the pan from the heat. Leave to cool for a couple of minutes, then add the cavolo nero, tomatoes, sourdough breadcrumbs, feta and pickled red onion and radish.
6) Season well and drizzle over some Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Chilli Oil. Top with the mint and place on the table in the pan to enjoy!

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