Protein Power Pot

The Protein Power Pot is packed with protein which makes a quick lunch on the go.

The delicious and nutritious Protein Power Pot combination of Tuna, Egg, Watercress, Quinoa dressed with Mellow Yellow Classic Vinaigrette.


This recipe uses Mellow Yellow Classic Vinaigrette, the ultimate salad dressing, rich in Omega 3 and made with our cold pressed rapeseed oil, ready to complement any salad. Simply click here to find your nearest stockist.


3 tablespoons cooked quinoa or bulgar wheat/quinoa mix.
small tin tuna drained
handful watercress
1 hard boiled egg
Mellow Yellow Classic Vinaigrette


Simply place the quinoa and tuna in the kilner jar. Add a generous glug of dressing and stir to combine. Top with a handful of watercress and a halved hard boiled egg.

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