Poached Sea Trout and Seasonal Vegetables

Really impress your loved ones with this poached sea trout and seasonal vegetables. A wonderful meal to really show off your skills in the kitchen. Sea trout has a similar appearance to salmon with a subtle and delicate flavour and fine texture. This recipe requires poaching the sea trout in Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil at a low temperature to gently cook the fish. This recipe was provided by Chef Adam Gray.


This recipe uses Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil which is low in saturated fat and high in Omega 3, making this recipe ideal for a healthy and balanced diet. Simply click here to find your nearest stockist.


150g Sea Trout
100ml Water
50g Unsalted butter
200g Potatoes
100g Broad Beans
100g Peas
15g Lovage Leaves
Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil


Line the bottom of the poaching pan with greaseproof paper and cut a hole in the centre to stop paper rising. Poach sea trout in Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil at 65°C for 6-7 minutes. Keep an eye on the temperature, the majority of cooking can be done on residual heat. The poaching oil can be used for each cut of fish.

For the vegetables, boil the potatoes and cut into wedges, then put in pre-warmed water and butter solution (around 50g butter to 100ml water), add broad beans that have been blanched and peeled; peas; salt and pepper. Chop Lovage leaves and add.

Drain the vegetables and remove fish from the poaching pan.

Dress plate with the vegetables first around the edge and little in middle, place the trout in the middle, decorate with whole lovage leaves and drizzle some of the poaching oil over.

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