Hot Turkey and Caramelised Onion Tart with Melting Stilton Cheese

Using up your leftover turkey and that bit of stilton you’ve got in the fridge has never been so exciting. Thanks to Chef Adam Gray for this delicious recipe.


(Serves 4)
4 x 9”/22 cm Pre-cooked puff pastry discs
1kg Onions
200g Stilton cheese
100ml Farrington’s mellow yellow rapeseed oil
200g Cooked turkey meat (flaked)
1⁄2 Bunch rocket salad leaves (picked and washed)


To caramelise the onions; peel and slice the opinions, heat a generous glug (around 3 tablespoons) of Mellow Yellow oil in a pan on a medium heat. Add the onions, stir well and season with salt. As the onions soften you may need to turn the heat down and stir occasionally - they will take about 20 minutes to caramelise.
Spread the caramelised onions evenly over the pre-cooked puff pastry discs, leaving a 5mm gap from the edge of the pastry
Place the flaked cooked turkey evenly on top of the caramelised onions
Crumble the stilton cheese, then sprinkle evenly on top of the turkey
Place in a pre-heated oven at 180° C for 10-12 minutes until the stilton cheese has melted
Remove from the oven and scatter the rocket leaves over the top of the tart
Drizzle a little Mellow Yellow over the tarts to finish.