Chilli and Honey Cottage Cheese on Toast

A perfect lunch or snack with a delicious balance of cool creamy cottage cheese, a kick of heat from our Mellow Yellow Chilli Oil, a sweet drizzle of honey and a sea salt sprinkle on a slice of sourdough toast. Yummy!

This recipe uses Mellow Yellow Chilli Oil, with just the right amount of chilli flakes infused into our cold pressed rapeseed oil, it’s just the thing to pep up pizzas and pasta, spice up a salad or salsa or give gusto to meat and fish.

Available from Waitrose and Ocado.


2 Slices sourdough toast
Mellow Yellow Chilli Oil
Cottage Cheese
Honey (we love Littleover Apiary English Heather Honey)
Sea salt flakes


Simply shake your Mellow Yellow Chilli Oil to release the chilli flakes and drizzle a small amount onto your sourdough toast.

Spoon over a generous covering of cottage cheese, shake the Chilli Oil again before drizzling over the cottage cheese.

Finish with a drizzle of honey and a sprinkle of sea salt flakes.


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