Caribbean Scallop Curry

A very special Caribbean treat shared with us by Chef Jodi Jenni from Jam Rock. This delicious recipe uses Scallops and Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil, and lots of vibrant Caribbean flavours. Farrington Oils and Jamrock foods present Caribbean Scallop Curry.


150ml Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil
3 Garlic cloves
1 Chopped tomato
1 small bunch chopped spring onion
3 tsp Pimento
1 Bottle of Red Stripe beer
2 Sprigs of thyme
500g Butter beans
2 Sweet potatoes
250ml Coconut milk
2 tsp Curry powder
1 Scotch bonnet
1 tbsp Honey
1 tsp paprika
1 Lime
12 Asparagus spears
2 Handfuls rocket
1 oz Butter
6 Scallops
4 Bacon rashers


Serves 2

Put 4 rashers of bacon in the oven to crisp and 2 peeled sweet potatoes to roast.

To make the puree
Sauté 2 tablespoons of Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil in a saucepan and add 1 chopped garlic clove, 1/2 chopped tomato, 1 chopped spring onion and mix thoroughly. Then add 2 tsp Pimento and a dash of salt and pepper. Pour in 1 generous tbsp of Red Stripe Beer with 1 stripped sprig of thyme, mix and simmer to soften slightly. Empty 500g of butter beans into the sauce pan with the 2 peeled and roasted sweet potatoes from the oven. Add 100ml coconut oil, mix well and put on a medium heat for 10 minutes. Puree the ingredients and put to one side for now.

To make the curry
In a saucepan sauté 2 tablespoons of Mellow Yellow Rapeseed Oil and add 1 sprig chopped spring onion, 2 tsp curry powder, 1/2 chopped tomato, 1 chopped garlic clove, 1 sprig of thyme and 2 tablespoons of Red Stripe Beer. Mix these ingredients together, then add a whole scotch bonnet, a pinch of pimento, 150ml coconut milk and season with salt. Reduce the heat and stir until the curry thickens.

For the dressing
In a mixing bowl pour in 1 tablespoon of honey with 1 teaspoon of paprika, one crushed garlic clove and 1/2 lime juice, flavour with a pinch of salt and pepper. Slowly whisk the ingredients while adding 6 tablespoons of Mellow Yellow Oil. Prepare the asparagus spears so they are cooked al dente, lightly drizzle the honey and oil mixture over the asparagus and mix in 2 handfuls of rocket.

In a hot pan pour in 2 tablespoons of Mellow Yellow Oil, followed by 1 oz of butter, allowing it to melt. Sear the scallops on each side allowing them to go golden brown before removing from the heat.

Prepare the dish by placing the puree, followed by 3 scallops with the curry sauce on top. Add the asparagus and rocket to the dish then top with a sprinkle of crispy bacon. Finally dress with a further dash of Mellow Yellow and 1/2 a lime wedge.

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