We’ve all been affected by the pandemic in some way. At Farrington Oils, most of our office is now working from home, which has allowed our production team and core office staff to remain on the farm producing food for you, safely.

We know how difficult it has been to be isolated from our friends and families. We have found, however, that food and cooking has bought us together, from afar. We’ve loved trying new recipes and sharing hints and tips with our followers, but we wanted to do more. So we set up a giveaway of 20 Mellow Yellow gift sets. We asked our followers on social media to nominate a friend, family member or neighbour that they missed sharing a meal with to receive one of these gift sets.

We were overwhelmed by the incredible nominations we received. Hundreds of heartfelt messages about key workers, missed family members and friends and those going out of their way to support others. We randomly selected 20 winners and sent a Mellow Yellow gift set to their nominee. After reading all the amazing nominations, we wanted to share some all the amazing winner’s stories.

Here are our winning isolation nominations…

  • Samantha nominated her friend Karl as she was missing their weekly meals together.
  • Chloe, who has been working so hard at her school looking after the children, was nominated by Tracey who is missing her and looking forward to when they can spend family time together again.
  • Karin nominated her son Sam as he was supposed to be getting married this year to his lovely fiancee Kav but the wedding has had to be postponed. 
  • Cheryl chose to nominate her mother in law Maureen. Although Maureen is old enough to retire she has carried on working as a hospital cleaner, going in doing early morning shifts to make sure the frontline staff can work in a clean environment.
  • Ann nominated her friend Louise as she has been there for her throughout lockdown.
  • Jury was nominated by her daughter Gayatri for doing a fantastic job teaching throughout lockdown.
  • Donald was nominated by his sister. Donald and his wife Gillian both work for the NHS in Scotland and love to cook.
  • Ann nominated her neighbour Rosemary. They regularly share home grown produce and Ann is hopping Rosemary will bake her something with the oil in the gift set!
  • Ian nominated his daughter Rebecca who throughout the lock down has been serving the general public in her role at Waitrose and also keeping an eye on her elderly neighbours to make sure they have everything they need.
  • June wanted to nominate her daughter in law Sarah as a thank you for doing June and her husbands shopping and looking after them as they have been unable to leave the house due to being in the vulnerable category.
  • Stephen nominated Leeann as he hoped it would help her get into baking and discover the wonders of banana bread.
  • Fiona chose to nominate her friend Hannah who is kind, lovely and working hard for the NHS. Hannah works long hours as a nurse at a hospital in Dorset and Fiona is so proud of Hannah working through these difficult times. She is looking forward to their regular meet ups and meals with Lizi, Immie and Holly when this awful virus has cleared.
  • Claire was nominated by Catherine as she is a frontline key worker who went into work on her day off to create a beautiful rainbow mural to lift spirits.
  • Sam nominated Sara, his best friend, who turned 50 in March. They have had to put her birthday celebrations on hold until the lockdown is over.
  • Mandy was nominated by Alan as she has spent lockdown cooking for her large family and deserved a treat.
  • Christina nominated Elizabeth who is a key worker, filling our supermarket shelves day after day on long shifts.  She is a mum of 3 and on top of that she does 3 lots of shopping for her elderly neighbours, baking cakes for them and sharing good advice to keep their spirits high. 
  • Kerry nominated her auntie Cheryl as she misses her lots.
  • Peter wanted to give Andrea a pick me up as she on lockdown with a severe long term illness.
  • Sharon was nominated for being an amazing friend and continuing to make everyone smile every day despite how hard it may be.
  • Catherine was nominated by her Mum for her tireless commitment as a hospital doctor in central Birmingham, away from family and working in the thick of Covid-19 with a punishing work rota. She got engaged the day before lockdown, but sadly no opportunity for celebrations!


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We hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and we look forward to being able to share meals with our loved ones again soon!