Honey Mustard Brussels

Your Brussels could be the star of the show this festive season. Super quick, easy and a delicious addition to your Christmas dinner.

This recipe uses Mellow Yellow Honey & Mustard Dressing; a match made in heaven of superbly balanced sweetness with fantastic bite.

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Serves 4
20 Brussel sprouts trimmed and halved
2 tablespoons Mellow Yellow Honey Mustard Dressing
Salt and Black Pepper


Place the halved Brussel Sprouts in a small roasting tin and drizzle with Honey Mustard Dressing.

Season with salt and freshly ground black pepper and toss them around to coat thoroughly in the dressing.

Bake at 220°C for 12-15 minutes. Perfect to cook during the last 15 minutes as your roast potatoes are finishing!

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