The environment is at the heart of everything we do here at Farrington’s Mellow Yellow and so it’s especially exciting when other companies focused on sustainability want to work with us! Fill Refill Co got in touch with us a while ago as they were looking for a local, eco-friendly, oil to use in a new soap product they were planning. After lots of work in their lab in Finedon (a stone’s throw from our farm), they have produced something really special!


mellow yellow rapeseed oil and northamptonshire cleaning soap


This month Fill Refill Co have launched their Northamptonshire cleaning soap which is made from our Mellow Yellow sustainably produced British cold pressed rapeseed oil. Given that we’re neighbours, both operating out of family-run businesses in Northamptonshire, and both sharing the same sustainability and eco-credentials, it made perfect sense to collaborate. We’ve caught up with Phil from Fill Refill Co to hear all about the new product…


“We wanted to make something from the most local ingredient we could find. Our factory in Northamptonshire is surrounded by golden rapeseed fields. We thought it would be cool to see if we could make a soap from it. We’d wanted to have a go at making Castile soap for a while, knowing that we used it at home and my wife wouldn’t use anything else to clean her make up brushes.

A while back we’d thought about shipping bulk olive oil from Cyprus (where my grandfather is from) or Crete (because their olive oil is pretty special) but rapeseed was growing all around us, so it just made sense and the proximity significantly reduces carbon footprint. Vicky & Alex did lots of work at the bench and we all took home a whole load of samples… we soon got to realise that it was making a really good alkaline cleaning soap, plus it had a lovely golden colour.

When we first went to visit Farrington’s we could see they were just as passionate as us about reducing plastic waste and we were so impressed with their site. They have a really nice set-up with a no-waste, carbon neutral production site, and all their crops are grown to LEAF Marque standards, a system designed to promote environmentally responsible and sustainable farming.

They quickly understood exactly what we were trying to do, so it was easy to get it rolling. Even better, we were able to get the rapeseed oil from them in a closed loop with bulk returnable packaging.”


Introducing Fill Refill Co’s Northamptonshire Cleaning Soap!


northamptonshire cleaning soap 1


What is it?

An alkaline cleaning soap – pH 10!


What is it good for? 

This stuff is versatile, it took us almost a year to perfect, but we don’t know of another rapeseed oil liquid soap out there that works like this. We think it’s good for making your own cleaning products, or for soft water laundry, degreasing, cleaning make-up brushes or paint brushes. It’ll help remove labels from jars, use as a soak for dirty delicates, or check out our recipe below for making the ultimate natural oven cleaner – just add salt, bicarb or the amazing Fill Scrub Powder.


Where does it come from?

Made from Farrington’s Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, grown just down the road from our factory, supplied in a closed loop, we turn it into bulk, plastic-free Northamptonshire liquid cleaning soap. We’re still finding out more things you can do with it!


What does closed loop mean?  

Fill Refill Co are all about looking at ways to reduce and reuse. Whilst recycling might sometimes be the only option, we’re all about closing the loop wherever we can. Closed-loop supply simply put means circular, there is no waste, we just keep refilling, returning, refilling, returning – Fill, Clean, Repeat.



Like Farrington’s, the environment – and our impact on it – is at the heart of what we do. That and our passion for creating straightforward eco laundry and household cleaning products, that look cool, work great and reduce packaging waste.

Fill is for everyone who’s interested in a better way to clean. We make everything ourselves, in our factory, with real chemists combining biodegradable ingredients to create simple, modern and effective eco cleaning & laundry products. No dyes. No harsh chemicals. No plastic bottles. Less waste.


What to use your Northamptonshire Cleaning Soap for…

Cleaning Soap + Salt = Thick oven cleaner
Cleaning Soap + Bicarb = Slightly abrasive alkaline cleaning for cutting greasy deposits
Cleaning Soap + Scrub Powder (Clary Sage) = Removes burnt on dirt and debris
Find more cleaning recipes at


northamptonshire cleaning soap and salt

Cleaning recipes for Falcon Enamelware featuring the Northamptonshire Cleaning Soap


Check out the Northamptonshire Liquid Cleaning Soap from Fill Refill Co here and find your local stockist here.